Natural medical cosmetics
The safest and most effective way to keep skin young and healthy. Vision’s unique cosmetic products are developed based on natural components whose effectiveness have confirmed by clinical studies and time. Using modern production technologies to purify, process, and store products allows Vision cosmetics to deliver products to the consumer without losing any of beneficial properties of the natural ingredients.
Vision cosmetics don’t contain parabens and phenoxyethanol. Also, the well-designed formulas achieve a synergistic effect, multiplying the positive qualities of each component, strengthening the overall result of using Vision cosmetics.
Millenium Ultimate Help Gel (Russia)
Your skin’s beauty
This cosmetic product restores youth and beauty quickly and with great care.Millenium Ultimate Help Gel is an anti-aging remedy specifically designed to combat early aging and rapidly eliminate cosmetic imperfections of the skin.
Active ingredients combine with the peptide complex TEGO® Pep 4-17 to help restore your own rejuvenating and protective forces, therefore having a complex effect on all signs of aging.
Skincare (France)
Eternal youth
All the products of this new cosmetic line contain plant stem cells, which play a key role in preventing age-related skin changes. Stem cells are universal biological cells that can divide into separate groups of cells in order to produce more stem cells in the body.
In many tissues they act as an internal repair system, dividing into an unlimited number of new healthy cells. The PhytoCellTec™ nunatak® plant stem cells used in VISION Skincare contain epigenetic factors similar to those in stem cell factors of an adult.
Body care (Italy)
Treatment creams
Roll-on gel Body Revive is a cosmetic product that helps relieve muscle and joint pain and relieve irritation.
Roll-on gel Leg Refresh is a cosmetic remedy that greatly relieves puffiness, fatigue, and heaviness in the legs.
EnjoyNT Harpago Gel has a soothing, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effect on the joints. It stimulates blood flow and also improves metabolism and lymph circulation.