It all starts with caring about health
Every person wants to be healthy. We dream about staying young, energetic and mentally active as long as possible. VISION INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE GROUP HK Limited offers a solution, that will help you fulfill your dreams and gain financial independence. It gives you a unique opportunity to set up your own business - a business which is safe, reliable, profitable, based on human's innate need - to be healthy. You can become happy while making other people happy too.
We make healthy business, and invite you to join!
In our production, we use plants with outstanding medicinal and rejuvenating properties that are grown in the cleanest areas on Earth. The leading scientists of our lab develop unique formulas that make Vision product highly effective, our products are manufactured in the most up-to-date factories, and certified by GMP standard. Based on organic synergy, cutting-edge science and technologies we create high-quality products that are truly unique.
Unique multi component complexes based on plant derivatives protect each cell of your body and restore the functions of organs and systems.
Optimal combination of vitamins, micro and macroelements for improving memory and strengthening the immunity system of youngsters.
Products created with the help of nano technologies and eco-ingredients, protect the organs from the harmful effects of environment.
Innovative anti-age cosmetic line based on natural ingredients contains plant stem cells, that prevent the aging of the skin.
Thanks to the patented efficient formula our stylish accessories give complex effect and improve the workings of all major bodily systems.


Having become a partner of Vision, you get a chance to set up your own lucrative business and start a successful career. The high demand for Vision products will help you on your way, as well as our simple and efficient marketing plan that means that we spend more than a half of product turnover on paying commissions, and that doesn't even include special bonuses and awards.

Retail income and discounts
As the company's distributor, you have between 20% and 40% discount and you can earn on the difference between your wholesale price and retail price, even when your client places an order in our online store using your consultant's code. Also based on the monthly results you get up to 20% from your premium clients ordrers and consultants thanks to the difference between the percentage of your and their discount.
Cashback and presents
If you double or quadruple your personal volume of ordered goods, you have a right to get up to 20% return from the orders that were made during the month in previous statuses. If you make a major single order you are entitled to a present - Vision products worth up to 20% of the order.
Bonuses for business development
You become a senior consultant and start doing real business, getting bonuses on your account from your distributors turnover, that can make 56% of company's total turnover. The number of levels based on which the bonuses are paid depend on your qualification.
VIP-status and special bonuses
You already have a strong team of consultants, premium-clients and senior consultants. You get an opportunity to get 100% viabillity from your purchases, so you can take care of your health and make money. Your income is several times higher than a senior consultant's. But that's not all! A car, travel to exotic locations and 50,000 euros for fulfilling your dreams - all of those you can get as presents.
Sessia is the first mobile CRM system that helps to set up a business in direct sales and build a successful distributor net from scratch. Thanks to Sessia you will go from first personal sales and first clients to a big team and sustainable business fast. Sessia is a smart planner that will set ambitious goals and help you achieve them, for example by cold calling your clients and partners, as well as monitoring and informing you about their orders and successes. In the online mode, you will be up to date with current events of your company, moreover, you will have access to the online Vision store and you will get all financial reports about your business.
To get to the high point of your career, you would usually need years and experience. With Vision, however, all you need is enough free time and will to succeed. Just after 3 months you can get a team up to 30 people, a car and reliable income. You will have your own internet office and experts that will teach how to work with your team, develop your leadership skills and increase your income. You can take part in different events and promotions, organised by the company for their partners all over the world, get online training, socialize with others and live the life full of unforgettable meetings and exciting opportunities.
Every the year when our Company organizes The trip for the best distributors, we don't just send you travelling, we create a fairy tale where you feel nurtured from the moment you enter the plane. You experience the adventure of a lifetime, see and appreciate new culture, and come back home happily and with a lof of memories. That's why Vision Voyage are considered legendary trips, and taking part in them - an honor.
The Emirates,The Seychelles, South Africa, Mauritius, Cuba, Sri Lanka,The Dominican Republic, Brazil, Thailand, Spain, Morocco, China, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Mexico and Greece are the countries where thousands of the best Vision distributors have been on vacation. They receive such fantastic travel as a gift - as a reward for a job well done.
  • Free holidays for Vision partners
  • Best resorts
  • Luxury hotels with customized service
  • Special attention to you and your well being
  • New meetings with interesting people and top leaders
  • Awesome parties
  • The most famous tourist attractions and wonders of the world.
  • Cultural, entertaining and sporting events
  • Unique gifts